Diverse operations, big opportunities.

HWH is a growing construction, specialty manufacturing and logistics firm with a long history and exciting future. Despite our small town origins, we do world-class work for leading global brands, and are expanding in northeast and south central Texas. We create value and build relationships by taking on challenges and solving problems … to make clients more productive and efficient. Consider this:

  • We are aligned with just-in-time expectations, customization and integrated services, with flexible processes and rapid responses to support them.
  • We have built our businesses on an entrepreneurial “we can do that for you” mindset. Our standards, certifications, safety records and endorsements are among the highest and best you’ll find anywhere.
  • Our fans are the people who rely on us every day — owners and developers, plant engineers, federal contracting agents, school boards and superintendents, architects, food and beverage and consumer products marketers and manufacturers, and more.
  • We devote the same amount of care to protecting and enhancing our clients’ reputations as we do our own.

If this environment sounds like a good fit, contact us about becoming a part of the HWH team.


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