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Supply Chain Management Services

We Pack clients include global leaders in hard goods, healthcare, and consumer products, including food and beverage as well as many specialty categories. For example, daily operations cover the spectrum of fulfilling product orders to Kroger, CVS, and The Home Depot locations, to repackaging food and juice products for a company distribution network, to the intermodal transfer of pipeline for an international energy project.

logosWe Pack leverages Manhattan Associates software, which is utilized as the primary Warehouse Management System (WMS) for companies such as:

  • Adidas
  • Avon
  • Cabela’s
  • Dell
  • Jockey
  • McKesson
  • Papa John’s
  • Staples
  • Walmart / Sam’s Club
  • Whirlpool

We Pack is authorized to oer the SCALE™ platform to client facilities with hosted solutions to help speed implementation. Clients win with access to proven, world-class capabilities at a competitive cost, elevating performance and efficencies.

Internal Resources

We Pack can extend the scope of services to bring recommendations to reality.

Economic Development

This process can start with the seamless integration of site selection services and tax credit counsel. We Pack has helped secure Federal New Market Tax Credits and negotiated incentives for a variety of clients, creating built-in efficiencies well before design and construction even begins.


At implementation, the We Pack design build team can bring together comprehensive construction management, engineering and mechanical experts, and the best industry designers with one point of contact. This process speeds project delivery and provides an understanding of project cost at project inception. It can also add valuable services such as energy audits to improve performance. A strong track record with manufacturing and warehouse facilities assures exceptional results.

IT/Software Solutions

Concurrent with the design build process, We Pack IT experts can specify the best software and hardware solutions for your applications, based on actual daily experience. Once a new or renovated facility is completed, We Pack can apply its operational expertise to staff and manage it.


Beyond the end point for most engagements, We Pack advocates follow-through and continuous refinement, and recommends an on-site review to identify additional opportunities for improvement. This enables validation of all systems to further optimize performance.

We Pack Logistics is a Custom and contract 3PL Company that provides logistics and supply chain management services in Paris TX, Mesquite TX, Dallas TX, Maxton NC, Fayetteville NC, Atlanta GA, Hot Springs AR and Little Rock AR.

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