Supply Chain Management Process Audit

Supply Chain Management Audit

SCM Processes and Verification
We Pack can offer single and multi-phase approaches to projects, depending on scope and client needs. We Pack will help determine duration and deliverables for each phase of work.

Phase I: Data Collection

  • We Pack partners with clients for a detailed onsite data collection effort, including:
    • Current and future locations
    • Locations and capabilities of current distribution partners
    • Locations and types of assets supporting current distribution
    • Current distribution processes, down to the lowest level the client needs
    • SKUs and units of measure
    • Historical volume, by item and location
  • At the conclusion of this phase, approx. four weeks after site visit return, We Pack provides:
    • Detailed current supply chain map
    • Detailed proposal for an optimized distribution network to support immediate needs and long-term growth strategy

Phase II: Hardware/Software

  • We Pack will identify and recommend the necessary supply chain tools:
    • Warehouse management system (WMS)
    • RF hardware for facilities to support WMS
    • Transportation management system (TMS)
  • Preliminary recommendations and estimates are refined upon completion of Phase I

Phase III: Design

  • Detailed process map for new supply chain, based on documented ISO 9001:2008 processes and other safety standards
  • Proposed locations for new supply chain and/or 3PL facilities
  • Building layouts for distribution facilities
  • Equipment list and budget for distribution and transportation operations
  • Interface/integration map for supply chain tools
  • Implementation plan identifying sequence and timing for:
    • Facility construction
    • Facility modification
    • System integration
    • New business process implementation

Phase IV: Execution / Implementation

  • Program management is available for the following:
    • Software implementation and training – WMS, TMS, Fleet, etc.
    • Construction management
    • Quality control process implementation
    • Registration & certification preparation

Phase V: Post Implementation Review and Optimization

  • Following implementation, an on-site review will be performed to identify additional refinements and opportunities for optimizing efficiency

We Pack Logistics Team Members:

  • Project Manager
    • 100 percent focused on your project.  This individual serves as main point of contact.
  • IT Manager
    • This individual will focus on IT recommendations and solutions for project design and logistical requirements.
  • IT Support
    • These individuals will support IT initiatives.
  • Administrative Support
    • These individuals will provide data collection, general analysis and reporting, plus weekly progress reports.
  • Designer
    • This individual will support the design and layout of facilities.
  • Architects
    • These individuals will be responsible for building design.
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