The most important advantages we provide are the ones you can’t see.

Integrated Project Management

Project planning is the product of hard-won experience in all of our functions. Discipline in approaching complex problems, and success in wringing out time and cost has made HWH a process expert:

  • Our retail fixtures group did more than build displays for a major U.S. market rollout. They partnered with the new client’s established U.K. resource, coordinated procurement, consolidated deliveries from global sources, and shipped customized, floor-ready store sets to more than 50 locations across the country in the span of 2 ½ weeks.
  • Our biggest logistics client forecasted the need for an additional 500,000 square feet of warehouse space for a new promotion. Our 3PL added and equipped the space just a few miles from their plant in North Carolina, and had it activated and network-ready well within the 60-day target.
  • Our site selection team worked with a manufacturing client to return more than 500 outsourced production jobs to the U.S., putting a vacant facility to work in northwest Tennessee, and reversing the trend of plant closings and job losses in that area.

While program management planning is a behind-the-scenes advantage you can’t see, premier service companies know it begins with vision.

Fixtures for Topshop and Topman at Nordstrom, a nationwide store rollout jointly managed with a U.K. partner


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